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Having KDan shoot your wedding, your family, or just you is a special experience as you relax, and as KDan coaxes and guides, you discover your look, your personality shines through, and you begin to enjoy yourself.
Over the past 21 years KDan has developed his passion for people and photography. What makes his style so special is the way he mixes elements of his artistic background with fashion, personal insight and advertising flair. His images have been described as fun, refreshing, energetic, gritty, bold, hauntingly beautiful, edgy, thought provoking, truly original and ‘absolutely stunning’, and other adjectives we won't repeat here!

He rarely looks for the obvious, and his clients have singled him out for his highly personal approach. Whether working with a couple on their wedding plans, shooting a family with a boisterous 5 year old, or creating a set of sensual images with a female client, KDan's approach has always got a common thread..
"I think it comes down to the time I spend with a client, I didn't choose this career to be a production line, I don't like formulaic and repetitive imagery...I just want to treat every session as being as unique and individual as they really are. It makes me cringe, but I do feel like I give something of myself into every image.”
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